I’m Erin, This page is a hard one for me to write content for. I’m really an introvert and I feel silly writing about myself for all the world to see on a web site.

I started writing just after I graduated from collage and found, once my mind was’t jammed packed with facts I need for classes, I had time to play around in the worlds in my head once again. Working full time and going to school full time pushed my imaginary worlds to the wayside. At this point I never considered writing as a hobby much less something I would like to pursue in any way. Honestly I’m an awful speller, so the idea of writing was just never on my mind. I graduated a few months after I got married, at the time my husband was working swing shift, I’d come home see him for about an hour before he left for work and then I was home the rest of the night. Which was fine while we were dating and first married because I always had home work.  But once I graduated I suddenly had a lot of free time in the evenings. I’ve always lived in my head. Making up things I should have said to this situation or that one, or exploring the worlds I read about in books. Though I didn’t actually make an effort to write a book until I was almost thirty, that was about ten years ago. I guess I’m kind of a late bloomer, but not everyone finds their magnificent obsession early in this life. The point is we keep searching until we do. Once I started writing I had to learn how to write. I’ve read many books on honing the craft.

The first book I ever truly fell in love with was Thunder Heights Phyllis Whitney, that was my freshman year of high school (see late bloomer). When I was younger I had my Baby Sitter club books and Saddle Club but Thunder Heights was the first book I read where I really felt like I was transported to another world. I then read everything I could find by Phyllis Whitney. Of course there was Harry Potter and Twilight, but only the books don’t get me started on the movies.

I’m a payroll manager by day and an indie author by night. I live in West Virginia with my husband and our two fur kids. I love being outside, camping, kayaking and hiking. I’m up for anything haunted, every year my husband and I make sure to hit at least one haunted house, though our favorites are ghost tours. I have been to the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum several times. My husband and I love history so on vacation we visit museums and take historical tours.

I don’t speak sports so don’t try to ask my about my favorite sports team because all I can say is, my husband says its the Broncos.