The Heir of Bluescale

“He’s dead, and we’re all going to die.”
The words haunted Zane, their truth could not be denied. His days and those of every other dragon in Ethiolan were numbered. Seven months was the best he could hope for after that he knew there would be no hope of his survival. The last Bluescale was dead and without a Bluescale the entire realm was doomed.
On the brink of losing the greatest war of the age, Zane received a summons from the seer of a neighboring kingdom. The message promises the one thing Zane had lost, hope.
He and his father make haste to answer the call and soon Zane is met with a tenacious young dragon named Paige, who holds the key to saving the entire realm.
Paige’s fragile existence is soon threatened by the enemy and Zane finds that he has become this intriguing girl’s unlikely protector. If he could just find a way to keep her alive for six months they just might be able to save their realm.